Here at Nuovo Tirreno we believe that is important to accompany yopur awakening with a charge of good cheer in order for your day to begin at best.

A rich breakfast will welcome in the morning and you will be able to choose between a bright room embellished with the colors of the sea and the patio, to let you begin the best possible way your day at the sea in Lido di Camaiore.

That’s why our new breakfast aims to nourish your body but also to create the conditions for your well being, by involving not just taste but all senses:the enveloping aroma of coffee, the fragrant scent of bread, croissants and freshly baked cakes, the the bright and intense clolors of fresh fruit and juices and much more.

Gluten-free and vegan breakfasts available. Breakfast is served from 07.30 through 11.00